R 1250 R

As shown $16,120 MSRP

Base model $15,345 MSRP

THE BMW R 1250 R


Unadulterated riding pleasure with that classic boxer punch: The BMW R 1250 R. The only thing as exceptional as its drive system using BMW ShiftCam technology is its versatility: Whether sporty and dynamic, pure and classic, or effortless and relaxed: This roadster delivers an incomparable riding experience. Make a clear statement with its power train and maximum torque of 105 lb-ft whenever you want. And with its handling, you are the master of every mile – however you want. Simply put: #NeverStopChallenging.


New striking LED headlights

Exclusive Option 719 Classic wheel

Sporty, slim single seater

Practical Core Screen Sport

Practical USB charging socket

Comfortable heated seat

Useful 12V socket

ABS Pro and DTC as standard

Sportiness made visible

Feel and enjoy the torque delivered by this boxer with every twist of your wrist. With Core Screen Sport, you now have this sportiness – in the truest sense of the word – at your fingertips. The TFT display provides information such as DTC interventions, your current and maximum lean, as well as the brake intervention force.

Eco mode for more efficient riding

Being able to ride with ease and unwavering calm, on a powerful boxer: This is also a sign of versatility. With the R 1250 R’s new Eco mode, you get maximum range every time you fill your tank. The TFT display shows you how efficient your riding style is. For maximum performance, you can switch to another riding mode, quick and easy, at any time. The standard Rain and Road riding modes now also include ABS Pro and DTC. 



cc capacity

hp at 7,750 rpm
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lb-ft torque at 6,250 rpm
gal fuel tank capacity

Legendary power delivery

The heart of the R 1250 R is its impressive ability to adapt precisely to the situation: Its 1254 cc boxer engine features BMW ShiftCam technology and a variable camshaft control. Which means potent and uniform power delivery. No matter how you want to ride. From a relaxed cruise to a spontaneous sprint, anything is possible. And when you feel this bike’s maximum torque of 105 lb-ft at full performance, you will know that unmistakable boxer punch which only a roadster can provide.


One roadster, three faces

Whatever your style, this bike offers you three authentic roadster looks: from purist to sporty to classic elegance.

R 1250 R Colors

Exclusive R 1250 R is available in attractive colors such as Blue Metallic paint with white frame and black sports handlebars, Black Storm Metallic and Ice Gray.

Striking boxer roadster

The striking, newly designed LED headlights, with their iconic crescent-shaped LED light guides, give the R 1250 R that characteristic Roadster face. And just as unmistakable, next we have: glass or trim? No need: You can feel the power you put to the road. Fortunately. Because this power is the feedback that makes riding such a pleasure. And the optional new single seat perfects the sporty look of the R 1250 R.

Make the R 1250 R your roadster

With our extensive range of Original BMW Motorrad accessories and matching optional equipment, you can make the R 1250 R your very own roadster.

Comfort package

With the Comfort package, simply lean back and enjoy the ride. All that matters here is making your ride easy and enjoyable, before you even hop on. Thanks to Keyless Ride, you can start your bike with your key in your pocket. In addition, this package includes the Tire Pressure Pressure Monitor (TPM) as well as heated grips to keep your fingers nice and warm. And if you want to make your bike really stand out, you can opt for the chrome exhaust system or the chrome manifold.


BMW R 1250 GS

The sport touring bike with a boxer’s punch. The R 1250 RS is full of character and makes every ride feel easy – but is always ready for you to unleash its power.

BMW S 1000 R

Dynamic roadster on the outside, superbike DNA on the inside: A bike that delivers power and precise control. And is always ready for a challenge, of course.

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